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Premier’s Mixed Martial Arts Blog Takes Off!

Premier MMA Training is Challenging & Intense

Premier MMA Training is Challenging & Intense

OK – OK – I did it! By popular request and with an extra hour or three taken away from my family of girls, I’m beginning a blog for all of our Students.

We will be posting Upcoming Academy Events, Curriculum Requirements for your current testing cycle, interesting stories, profiles of students (you know there are things about you that are interesting!), and much more.

First off, I’m really excited about the upcoming Belt Testing on Dec. 10 at 7 p.m.. It’s going to be challenging for you, and entertaining (for me!). Make sure you keep consistent attendance of 2 -3 times per week. Be sure to pick up your Curriculum Sheet too.

One of the special and unique things about Premier Martial Arts is our World Class and organized Curriculum. You are learning the best stand-up fighting/Self-defense skills known to man. If you are a BBT (Black Belt Training student, your classes are longer so you can also learn the BBT Curriculum. ABBT (Advanced Black Belt Training) class covers all the advanced techniques, skills, sparring, etc. that Advanced students will be testing on.

We’ll be improving this blog to keep you posted about upcoming events, training opportunities, feedback, and more. Please help with ideas or questions, just post them here.

Well, it’s time to help put up the Christmas tree – see everyone in class next week!