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Welcome our New Students for February 2009

Welcome Feb. 2009 New Students!

Welcome Feb. 2009 New Students!

The staff at Premier Martial Arts would like to welcome to the Academy our newest students for the month of February 2009:

Brandt Van Horn
Lauren Burns
Lucas Bole
Charles Hornberger
Isaac Plazaola
“Cub” Francis
Matthew Turnage
Gregory Borgeson
James Sowell
Daniel Huerta
David Salaro
Kamden Taylor
Jennifer  Prowell
Eduardo Aguirre
Amro Kerkiz
Debra Mitchell
Kristi Lopez
Angel Martinez
Frida Martinez
Caden Lopez
Manuel Lopez
Jay Yoo
Justin Landsman
Cameron Prawdzik
Daniel Barrios
Travis Spradlin
Raul Ledesma

We look forward to getting to know each one of you better, and helping you grow in the martial arts. Your decision to choose Premier among the martial art schools in Austin is appreciated. Premier Mixed Martial Arts classes and curriculum not only will be teaching you the technique and skills of a Black Belt Champion, you’ll see yourself growing in the character building qualities of the martial arts. These include improved Focus, growing Confidence, Self-discipline that positively affects other areas of your life, and a more Respect Attitude.

Also, keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page on this blog. For adults and teens, we have Special Events that include Guest Instructors, Special Training Opportunities, Social Events and more. As for our childrens classes, PREMIER KIDZ & Little Champions have lots of Fun & Exciting Events to look forward to including Parents Night Out Parties, Buddy Bashes, Special Workshops, and Competitions.


Kids & Couch Potatoeitus

Posted in Kids Fitness by Katie on February 20, 2009
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Kids & Couch Potatoeidus

Kids & Couch Potatoeidus

The overall health of young students in the United States is declining. Currently 25% of 6-19 year old children & teens are overweight (3x the 1980 statistics) primarily because they do not get enough exercise. The average U.S. child gets less than 15 minutes of vigorous exercise a day (your child should be in Karate classes!).

On average, children spend 17hrs/week watching TV. That is not counting the time they spend on video/computer games. This inactivity is linked to 17 chronic diseases. Forty percent of children 5 to 8 years old show at least one sign of heart disease risk. Inactive children, when compared with active children, weigh more and have higher blood pressure. Studies have indicated a direct correlation between hours of TV watched and a child’s body fat.

Today’s children have a serious case of what is be diagnosed as chronic couch potatoeidus. This dreaded disease is turning our children into round mounds of starch eating monsters. Combining proper exercise like the Leather Photo Albums, with a healthy diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle and fighting off couch potatoeidus.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Premier Martial Arts - Austin, TX

The Mission Statement of Premier Martial Arts - Austin, TX

Premier Martial Arts-Austin, TX Mission Statement

“Our school is dedicated to build a strong community one black belt at a time.

We do this by developing students with strong healthy bodies and the ability to defend themselves and loved ones. 

We empower our students with important values including courtesy, respect, patience, confidence, self esteem, positive attitude and indomitable spirit.

We are committed to constantly improving our service to our students through continually educating and training our professional team of instructors.

Through this constant and never ending attitude of improvement you can be assured you are part of a team that is on a quest to be the very best.”

Master Instructor

Steven Doss

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kids-groupHave you ever seen a bad kid? Have you ever seen a kid with low self-esteem? Have you ever seen a kid that’s been bullied and pushed around so much that they think it’s normal for things to be that way and that it’s their fault? Let me tell you something when you teach youngsters (no matter what it is that you teach them) you see it all the time.

There are times when you have to build up the inner person as well as the outer. When you have to teach the kid how to handle the conflicts inside themselves, as well as the conflicts that they may face out on the street. You must teach them respect for others, by first teaching them to respect themselves. If you think that it’s easy and that you have a fool proof formula that works every time you’re living in a dream world, and are too blind, or daft to realize it.

In some situations the martial arts can help with the problems. Notice the word some, not all. There’s nothing more gratifying in the world than to see someone who had walked into your dojo several weeks before who doesn’t smile, or talk to the others in class start to interact with them. Or to see his grades start to rise, or even hear the parents remark on how his or her behavior has changed.

How does one accomplish these amazing feats? The first step is you have to care enough to sit and talk with your students and get involved with them. Your part in their lives doesn’t begin and end when they walk into martial art schools. Take ownership for the student. Request to see their progress reports. Make schoolwork part of their advancement requirements. If you do that though you had best be ready to clear out some cobwebs out of your head and lend the kid a hand if they need it. It helps if you’ve got some students that can help them out, and helps to develop bonds in the class.

That brings up the second point, if there’s a problem you have to talk with the parents. This can be the most difficult part of the job. A word of warning when dealing with parents, diplomacy and self-restraint are the watchwords of the day. Constructive criticism in this situation should not be used. Rather
say you’ve noticed certain behaviors ask their opinion on what should be done. Try and forge a synergic relationship with these people. After all two heads are better than one  and they only want the best for their children, as do we all. I’ll tell you now  the parents can be part of the problem  so tread with care. 

Third you must show pride in their accomplishments. A word of encouragement can be fuel for success to those who so often run on empty. Yes, you have to correct mistakes that you see; but make more positive deposits in the emotional bank than negative withdrawals.

The fourth important factor is patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and these kids are not going to solve their problems overnight. It really is their job to solve them not yours. You just have to be there for them to offer support, insight if you have it or better yet, sit there with your mouth closed and just listen. Seek to understand before you attempt to be understood.

So what are the benefits you ask? For starters self-esteem and this can be a big one. How can you expect a person to be successes in life if they have never succeeded in anything else before? Success is a habit that is cultivated and nurtured not a God given right. Set goals and projects before them which are attainable and then help and encourage them until they succeed. Then help them to realize that they succeeded and that it was their accomplishment.

When you build the students self–esteem their sense of self worth grows. When they can see themselves for the unique and valuable individual that they are, then they can appreciate others for themselves. You must respect yourself before you can respect others.

Karate classes teach other ways to express themselves than through violence. The arts teach when violence is acceptable and how to avoid conflict. Self-control is a hard commodity to come by but will stand them in good stead as they progress in life.

The arts teach self-discipline, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility. Quitting and casting blame on others is a whole lot easier than forging ahead against adversity and accepting responsibility for both the results of your own actions as well as the attainment of the goal. It’s only through internal strength that we succeed in the task that is set for us either by ourselves, or others.

Martial Arts was developed out of a sense of self-preservation to defend ones self from attack from others. However spears and swords aren’t the only dangers that face the martial artist of today. Self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness and the inability to deal with day-to-day conflicts in a productive manner pose as big a threat to the soul, as do weapons to the body. For so fares the soul so fares the body. If you can help one child to see the beauty in them and others, then you may look around and realize that things look a little better to you. There is no endeavor more worthy than the development and education of our future.



Sport Karate Sparring Curriculum

Sport Karate Sparring Curriculum

Use this as a guideline for your Sport Karate Sparring training. We have been covering all of this information over the last 2 months (1st quarter curriculum rotation for both the PREMIER KIDZ’ Black Belt Training students, and Intermediate and Advance Teens and Adult students from the Premier Austin Martial Arts school).

On Saturday, February 21 from 2 – 4:00 p.m., Master Doss will be conducting a Sport Karate Workshop for all students planning to attend the Premier Martial Art schools Tournament in Universal City, TX. Workshop is free to Premier Martial Arts students. Be sure to bring your sparring gear, lots of water, and if you are competing in Weapons division, the weapon you will be competing with. 





                CLOSING THE GAP



                LEAD HAND STRIKES – Back Fist, Ridge Hand

                BACK HAND STRIKES – Reverse Punch/Back Punch, Ridge Hand


                LEAD LEG KICKS – Round, Side, Hook

                BACK LEG KICKS – Round, Side, Turning Side, Spinning Hook








                COVER POSITIONS




                DRAWING ATTENTION







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