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Are you ready to “Shine in 2009?!”


“Shine in 2009!”

"Shine in 2009!"

 Welcome back from your Holiday break! Are you ready to “Shine in 2009?!” We are – and were taking you with us!!


Studying and training in the martial arts is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself, or your family. We hear from students almost daily about how the martial arts has given them more confidence, gotten them in great shape, gave their child more focus and reinforced good habits at home and at school – and how our Academy is a lot of fun! The friendships you make here are also really special.

"I am very proud of you and your students at Premier Martial Arts."“Master Doss, The energy of your Academy and your student’s martial arts skill level is out the roof! I am very proud of you and how you are teaching your students at Premier Martial Arts.”

Grandmaster Abel Villareal

Senior Grandmaster – One of the first two Americans to study the martial art in Korea – 1957

Our awesome instructors are here for you – our goals are your goals – and we want you to set them high. We’re here to make you, or your child, an outstanding martial artist – to develop Thai Kickboxing skills – you may like learning MMA Curriculum  – develop Self defense skills – or you’re happy to have your child in one of the top Karate schools  in America. We are all about adding something very positive in your lives – Premier  to “Shine in 2009!”

Click here to see a list of PMA upcoming events for January.  Monday, classes are back to the regular schedule. Be sure to be there – you will be learning your next level curriculum!

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  1. Thank you for the January Event schedule. My daughter has been missing class – we’ll be back Tuesday!

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