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Staying on Track with You Fitness Goals

Posted in Adult Classes by Katie on February 8, 2009
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How to achieve your fitnesss goals
How to achieve your fitnesss goals


The most difficult aspect of any fitness routine is sticking with your plan.  After the initial excitement wears off, the fitness routine becomes more work than fun.  Here are some quick tips to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. 

Set Specific Goals

Fitness goals need to be specific, realistic, and measurable.  Many times our fitness goals resemble a general statement rather than a specific commitment. 

For example, you might say to yourself, “This month I will be more physically active.”  This is a wonderful thought but it does not carry any specific commitment or measurable outcome.  A better way to set your fitness goals is to set specifics that you can achieve and measure. 

For example, you might say (and write down), “This month I will walk for 20 minutes at lunch, 4 days each week as indicated by my physical activity journal.”  This goal will provide a simple, measurable outcome that will lead to a commitment to physical activity and the ability to measure success.  This can be a recipe for success! 

 Reward Yourself

Develop a system of rewards for meeting fitness goals.  Treat yourself to something special for being consistent with your physical activity or start a “Fun Fund” by putting a small sum of money into a personal savings account that you can use for yourself after you accomplish a specific fitness goal.  Get creative and reward yourself for your effort.

 Find Support

Social support can provide the motivation and accountability needed to keep us on track with our fitness goals. Remember, there are many types of support and each of us will require varying degrees of each kind of support.  It is important to seek out someone who is also participating in physical activity and try to schedule time to exercise together.  A physical activity partner will provide both accountability and motivation.

Finding someone who can provide motivational support by keeping you positive about your physical activity can go a long way in keeping you consistent with your exercise.

Remind Yourself  

Bring your walking shoes to work and hang them in your office or pack exercise clothes in a gym bag and bring them to work with you.  These little reminders can keep you on track by reminding you that physical activity needs to become a priority in your life. 

Another great way to remind yourself is to hang your physical activity goals on your computer or refrigerator and have a friend send you an occasional e-mail asking if you have met your weekly or monthly exercise goals.


The Martial Arts – The Secret to achieving your New Years Resolutions.


Premier Martial Arts - The Secret to achieving your New Years Resolutions
Premier Martial Arts – The Secret to achieving your New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – time to make New Year Resolutions that you won’t keep!

Ever thought about why they’re so difficult to stick to? Why do you run out of steam, and usually give up by the end of February? Follow this new version of achieving your New Year’s Resolutions, and be the picture of success by this time next year!

1. Last Year: You had unrealistic expectations.

This Year: Instead of choosing four or five resolutions, pick one or two that you can focus on. Make them something you really want to change, not something that you feel outside pressure (by loved ones or society) to change.

Don’t decide to start exercising because your sister-in-law commented on your flabby arms. If you don’t truly want it for yourself, you won’t be able to take the actions needed.

FYI -an effective little secret that many people are finding out about is that training in the martial arts develops in you more self-discipline, focus, and confidence – the tools necessary to achieve your goals. First thing, check out local Karate schools and begin classes. A good Academy will focus on goals and accomplishment.

2. Last Year: You were unprepared.

This Year: Understand the amount of time and effort that you have to put into changing. Know that there will be setbacks, so don’t be too hard on yourself when they happen. Forgive yourself and immediately take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If you’re changing your eating habits, don’t keep cookies in the house! Prepare you life for success, not failure.

3. Last Year: You had a loosely defined or unrealistic goal.

This Year: Pick a goal. Write it down on a piece of paper, in great detail, but be realistic. Don’t write “to lose 20 lbs by Valentines Day”. Do write “to weigh _____lbs by 5pm on April 7th, 2009 to be achieved by eating more fruit and vegetables and joining a martial arts and kickboxing school so I can get a good workout three times a week”.

Then create a goal schedule. Decide what you want to have achieved by the midpoint, the quarter point, monthly and then weekly. Again, make it realistic for you. You want to challenge yourself, but not set goals so high that you get frustrated and give up when you don’t immediately see results. Once you have your goal schedule, write down the actions that you need to take to achieve each mini-goal and keep you on track.

You’ll only succeed once you have your main supporter (YOU!) behind you, so get rid of your negative thinking. And just do it! Follow your plan. Give it 100% of your effort and ability, 99% of the time, and you’ll succeed.

Trust your intuition, follow your dreams, and set your goals high!

Nice logo on Hermes shorts(!) * Premier Champion Trainers

Posted in Adult Classes by Katie on December 20, 2008
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There once was a time when boxing ruled the sports landscape. The heavyweight champion was the most feared and famous athlete on the planet. Boxers like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Mike Tyson were household names throughout the world.

MMA Action

MMA Action




However, over the last decade, a sport with history and honor has lost its popularity to upstart sports like mixed martial arts (MMA). The decline of elite fighters in the heavyweight division and the lack of knockouts have led many young men to look for action and excitement in sports like MMA.

Because of the decline of boxing, mixed martial arts has taken over and has become the sport of choice for the age 18-34 demographic and put the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on course to join the ranks of elite sports leagues like the National Basketball Association and the National Football League.

“MMA resounds with 18-34 (year olds) because that age range has a shorter attention span than other age groups. They buy video games, fast cars, cool clothes, all on credit because they want it now. They want instant gratification. In the UFC, the normal bout consists of three five-minute rounds,” said long-time fan George Sorrell, 35, of Houston.

According to, MMA is an intense and evolving combat sport in which competitors use interdisciplinary forms of fighting that include jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and other techniques to their strategic and tactical advantage in a supervised match.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship began in 1993, but mixed martial arts dates back to the Olympic Games in Athens, according to “About 80 years ago, a Brazilian form of MMA known as Vale Tudo (anything goes) sparked local interest in the sport.”

Now that interest is felt throughout the world as the UFC now offers 12 to 14 live pay-per-view events annually through cable and satellite providers. Recently, a UFC event in Columbus, Ohio attracted more than 19,000 people—the largest audience in North America to witness a mixed martial arts event. More than 4.7 million viewers tuned in to see UFC 75, the first ever title bout on Spike TV. On a Saturday night, it outdrew college football among young men.

Viewers of UFC 75 saw Quinton “Rampage” Jackson defeat Dan Henderson to unify the UFC and PRIDE titles in the 205-lb weight-class. Cheick Kong defeated Mirko Cro Cop and Houston Alexander knocked out Alessio Sakara in one minute of the first round.  In the title fight, Jackson became the first man to unify a major title with a five-round victory. Judges scored the bout 48-47 and 49-46 twice for Memphis, Tenn. native.

Fans attribute the success of the UFC to clever marketing such as the reality show “The Ultimate Fighter,” because fans can become acquainted with the athletes and begin to follow their careers.

The million-dollar question is why are violent sports so popular among young men?“


I suppose I like it for the same reason you rubber-neck at a traffic accident. You want to see how bad it can get. You want to see how bad the knockout will be or how slick a submission will be. You want to speculate what you might do in a similar circumstance,” said Sorrell.


To many fans, mixed martial arts have already surpassed boxing in popularity, and some feel it will not be long before it is on par with mainstays like football, baseball and basketball. Questionable decisions and a lack of star quality have led to the UFC regularly outperforming boxing in its pay-per-view intake. With such quick success, it seems as if the UFC will soon revival the three big sports leagues in popularity and profit.


And for those who have not yet caught the MMA bug, Sorrell asks “them to watch the reality show from the beginning. The UFC packages the fights amidst bad blood while living with each other and training with each other. Also going online and watching some of the signature fights helps. I would (also) ask them to … watch a pay-per-view event or a free night on Spike TV.”


After watching one fight, the UFC is certain that it will not be the last.