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Student Success Guide – Part 7


Attendance is the key to progress

Regular attendance is the key to your progress

Attendance is the key to progress.  Kids Kung fu Austin Classes for “Karate Kids” are two classes per week. Regular attendance for all students is required to gain the benefits Premier Martial Arts offers.

Each student is issued an Attendance Card upon enrollment; this is how we keep track of your attendance in your martial arts classes, and your progress. Before each class begins, get your card from the Attendance Card Rack and keep it with you. The instructor will get it from you at the beginning of class.

Please refer to your schedule for class times. We highly recommend you attend class at a rate of two times per week (2-3 for Black Belt Training students). We also recommend you attend class on consistent days and times each week to make your attendance with our school part of your weekly schedule. If for some reason you are not able to attend class we ask you call the school and inform an instructor.
Please remember that advancement through the ranks is highly dependent on your attendance. If for some reason attendance is not possible, we ask that you please call the Academy and inform the staff. Class times are subject to change as class size increase or decrease.

The Special Winning Attitude Team consists of students from the Leadership Team. You must be asked to be a part of the team by your Instructors. Duties of the S.W.A.T. team include helping around the Academy, Austin TX Martial Arts demonstrations, competitions, and assisting with special events.


Student Success Guide – Part 6


Martial Arts Lifeskills

Martial Arts Lifeskills

PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS-Austin TX has introduced one of the most exciting and innovative programs you and your child will ever experience in the area of Personal Development Education. It is called the BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE PROGRAM. Our martial art school exclusively uses this special curriculum, and it is now reaching hundreds of students.

Through Premier’s martial arts-karate training, our mission is to instill in students personal development values using the martial arts. Your child will receive in class the first week of each month a BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE Assignment Sheet. They are to be completed and turned in to an instructor on a “B Day,” the following week (second week of the month).

BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE Sheets are designed to teach students to:
•    Accept the consequences of their actions
•    Use the Stop – Think – Act – Review decision making model to solve problems and resolve conflicts
•    Develop and improve Self-confidence, Self-esteem, and a Positive attitude.
•    Set and achieve realistic goals
•    Accept that attendance in class, punctuality and reliability, are part of being personally responsible