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Adults Level 1 (White Belt) Mixed Martial Arts Curriculum

This is an outline of the Premier Mixed Martial Arts / Kickboxing Austin training curriculum for new teen & adult beginners.

Krav Maga

Premier Mixed Martial Arts training

Premier Mixed Martial Arts training

A. Self Protection Stance

Self Protection Strikes and Counters

A. Palm Strikes
B. Hammer Fist
a. Forward
b. Side
c. Downward
C. Thrust Elbows
D. Front Kicks (instep, thrusting, defensive) / Hollowing

Self Protection Combinations

A. Instep kick to groin to hammer fist
B. Front thrust – to a straight punches

Self Protection Techniques / Grappling

A. Wrist Releases (Recognizing levels of force)
a. Same hand – (EAE) present elbow forward
b. Opposite hand – strike pull
c. Two hands on one – grab fist
e. Two hands high – kick, fist back
f. Two hands low – kick, fist up

B. Breaks Falls

a. Back
b. Side


Kicking Techniques

A. Front Kick

B. Side Kick

C. Round Kick

D. Back Kick
All Kick must be preformed as #1 Kicks – Front Leg



A. Fighting
B. Movement

Upper Body Strikes & Combos

A. Jab
B. Cross

Lower Body Strikes & Combos

A. Right Kick
B. Left Kick

Upper Body Defenses & Counters

A. Parry Jab, Return Jab
B. Parry Cross / Return Cross

Lower Body Defense & Counters

A. Shield Right Kick / Return Right Kick
(Knees to Elbows)